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The eternal now is filled with many blessings!

At this very moment, love is awakening within you. You are embracing your ability to recognize how sweet it is to expand your container to share that love, to give it, and especially receive it. Because you deserve it: always have and always will.

I use this words again and again. Reading them reminds me of this simple truth.  Regardless of appearances love is opening like a bud within our being. constantly flowering are we.  I took last month off from writing a newsletter and nearly six months off writing a blog!!!! 
This month I dived heart deep into celebration.  April has officially become my birthday month. 

I made it a point to connect with people I love, do things I love, and make tiny shifts that generated grand energy. There is so much I could say, I could tell you I went to a Russian Banya, tasted freshly made maple water for the first time, had a birthday celebration filled with song, hosted a garden party, planted flowers and a …

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